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Mario De Biasi: the new photographic exhibition at Casa dei Tre Oci

The practical and complete guide to the new photography exhibition of Casa Tre dei Oci in Venice

At Casa dei Tre Oci from 13 May 2021 to 9 January 2022 will be held the exhibition Mario De Biasi. Photographs 1947-2003, the first exhibition entirely dedicated to the photographer. A collection of over 200 photographs, with unpublished shots that will take you through the entire life of the photographer, from the first years of his collaboration with Epoca to his latest works. Here you will find everything you need to know about the exhibition.

foto copertina di Mario De Biasi
Mario De Biasi, Gli italiani si voltano, 1953, courtesy of Casa dei Tre Oci

Who is Mario De Biasi

Mario De Biasi was born in Belluno in 1923. His passion for photography grew during the WWII years, when he was sent to Nuremberg to work as a radio technician he discovered a photography manual.

The turning point in his career came in 1953 when he was hired by the famous weekly Epoca for which he made some of his most famous shots, portraying both worldly events and famous people, as well as scenes from everyday life and great historical events. In this regard, in 1969 he went to Houston to follow the launch of Apollo 11, to which Epoca will then dedicate six issues.

From 1957 to 1963 he traveled around the world, immortalizing scenes of war, famine, institutional events but also landscapes and scenes of the traditions of those exotic countries that he loved so much. We must mention the shots of Reagan’s America and Saddat’s funeral in Egypt, the World Cup in Spain, the Venice Biennale of Art and many others that you can admire exhibited at Casa dei Tre Oci.

Since 1983 the photographer retires to private life and begins to photograph for himself, immortalizing the hidden corners and beauties of Milan and Italy.
Mario De Biasi died on May 27, 2013 in Milan, where he received the Ambrogino d’oro in 2006.

Photo exhibition Mario De Biasi. Photographs 1947 – 2003

Venice is back on track, and all its museums too. For this reason, today we are happy to inform you that Casa dei Tre Oci, an incredible exhibition space of the Serenissima, will host an exhibition dedicated to one of the greatest Italian photographers, Mario De Biasi, from 13 May 2021 to 9 January 2022. Even if you are not passionate about photography, you will surely know his shot The Italians turn around from 1953, where he portrays a young Moira Orfei who, walking through Milan, catches the eye of a group of Italians. The shot was used by the Guggheneim Museum in New York as a poster for an exhibition dedicated to Italy, and since then that image has not ceased to be a representative cornerstone of the beautiful country of the 50s and 60s. At Casa dei Tre Oci you can see for the first time ever the complete sequence of that famous photograph. The exhibition also traces the career of the photojournalist from the years of collaboration with Epoca magazine to his latest works. The exhibition is a journey through the photographer’s lens that will show you the overview of an authentic Italy and exotic worlds that, thanks to these photographs, do not seem so far away. The exhibition is divided into macro-areas, from shots of unknown people and of powerful and famous people to those of great historical events, for a total of 256 works, most of which are unpublished and vintage.

Mostra Fotografica Mario De Biasi Casa Dei Tre Oci
Mario De Biasi. Photographs 1947 – 2003, Casa dei Tre Oci, Venice

“Wherever you meet life you meet beauty. You just have to look around to see it” M. De Biasi

How to get to Casa Tre Oci

The Casa dei Tre Oci is located on the Giudecca island of Venice, easily reachable with the ACTV ferries, and you can buy tickets through MyPass Venice. If you arrive in Venice by car you can park in Piazzale Roma, where you can book and pay for the parking always through our APP.

From Piazzale Roma (P.le Roma):
– Line 4.1 departing from pier E for 5 stops (direction Giudecca – S. Zaccaria – F.te Nove)
– Line 2 departing from pier G for 8 stops (direction Tronchetto – Giudecca – S. Marco / S. Zaccaria)
– In both cases, descend to the Giudecca Zitelle landing stage

From Santa Lucia railway station (railway):
– Line 4.1 departing from pier C for 6 stops (direction Giudecca – S. Zaccaria – F.te Nove)
– Descent to the Giudecca Zitelle landing stage

From Trochetto:
– Line 2 departing from pier A for 6 stops (direction Giudecca – S. Marco / S. Zaccaria)
– Descent to the Giudecca Zitelle landing stage

Timetables or ferries lines may vary. To stay updated in real time on lines, routes and times, download the MyPass Venice APP. In the Transport section it will be possible to use the free “calculate route” service by selecting the starting point and the arrival point.



Hours and Tickets of the exhibition of Casa dei Tre Oci

The exhibition at Casa dei Tre Oci will be open to the public from 13 May 2021 to 9 January 2022, from 11 to 19 every day, except Tuesdays.
You can buy your ticket comfortably through the MyPass Venezia APP (available on the Apple Store and PlayStore) at an exclusive price of € 9.00 for the duration of the exhibition instead of € 13.00 per person!

Security measures for Covid-19

We remind you that for security reasons related to the Covid-19 pandemic it will be mandatory to book tickets to access the exhibition on weekends, while it will remain optional but strongly recommended on weekdays. Furthermore, the use of the mask is mandatory inside all the rooms of the exhibition.

Download the MyPass Venice APP

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