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How to reach Venice by Car and Where to Park

Venice by Car

The big Italian tourist cities are famous for discouraging the arrival by car: it is feared, in fact, not to find a parking space, to waste time in endless traffic, to make long useless waits and risk heavy fines. But it is also undeniable that car journeys offer comfort : you can leave and come back whenever you want, carry heavy luggage, during the journey you can take all the breaks you want and why not, even provide intermediate stops … in short, everything becomes more adventurous but also functional. Not to mention when you have small children, who perhaps would not tolerate the long train journey. In reality, even Venice, the city of art par excellence, offers the possibility of arriving by car: with a bit more organization, it is possible to reach the most famous water city in the world in comfort with your own means.

How to get to Venice by car Venice can be easily reached by following the main state roads: SS13 from Treviso SS 14 from Trieste SS 309 Romea (from the Adriatic coast) SS 11 Padua-Turin. And also by motorways: A4 from Turin or Trieste A13 from Bologna A27 from Belluno. The last stretch of road is the Ponte della Libertà, the longest bridge in Italy designed by Eugenio Miozzi, also famous for having designed the Scalzi bridge, located near the station. The bridge connects the mainland to the historic center of the lagoon city. At this point, the center of Venice is very close, but the entrance is closed to bicycles, mopeds and cars. All that remains is to park the car. Fortunately, there will be no need to go around in circles: very comfortable and basically all covered pay parking facilities are available.

How to Park in Venice

Many tourists, to get to Venice by car and not get too stressed, choose to leave their car in Mestre; at this point, however, the center of Venice is not around the corner and you must still take another means of transport, be it the bus or the train, and therefore make further waits for the tickets. Other car parks outside Venice, for example, are: Marghera, Parking Pili Terminal Fusina San Giuliano Punta Sabbioni / Treporti But they present the problem of having to find another means of transport to finally reach Venice.

Another solution – but always with the same problems indicated – is to leave your car at the Tronchetto Parking, on the Isola Nuova: this islet is the headquarters of the public transport company and from here the connections with the vaporetto leave for reach Rialto and San Marco, as well as ferries for visiting the Lido. We reiterate, however: this area also requires the search for another means of transport.

Parking at Piazzale Roma- Just a few Minutes from the Center

The absolute most convenient parking to get to Venice center in just a few minutes after leaving your car, directly on foot and without taking any other means of transport than those strictly necessary to reach certain attractions, is certainly that of Piazzale Roma, at the municipal garage. This parking garage is the largest in Venice and contains about 2000 parking spaces and 180 motorbike spots, it is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: therefore there are no problems with the time to choose to reach the car, you can pick up when you are more comfortable without any inconvenience. The Piazzale Roma car park in Venice consists of 6 levels, with 2 terraces and 10 lots, and most of the parking spaces are covered: therefore, the car is protected from unexpected weather conditions. Moreover, near this garage there is also the Port of Venice, from which the main cruise ships depart.

The entrance to the car park is located in Santa Croce 496, 30135 Venice. However, being the most comfortable, it is also the most coveted: for this it is convenient to book the place online via MyPass Venezia (which also guarantees a reserved access lane), without risking to wait in a long line / queue and then having to go back after a long wait and not being able to get in, especially on busy days. You can book online and skip the line/queue with MyPass: the prices are the official ones and you don’t need cash or coins, having the certainty of reaching your reserved parking space, in the pre-established times and without annoyances.

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