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Terms of Use MYPASS VENEZIA services

  1. Ownership and operator of the Website

    This website belongs to:
    MYPASS Srl
    Via Pammatone 7,
    16121, Genova, ITALY
    telephone: +39 011 8397809
    VAT, C.F. and n. Register of Companies: 06455440484

    The MyPass APP Venice allows access and payment to museum sites, parking, concerts and services dedicated to tourism and leisure.

    The MyPass application Venezia and the sales system of goods and services connected to the same application are owned by:
    MYPASS Srl
    Via Pammatone 7,
    16121, Genova, ITALY
    telephone: +39 011 8397809
    VAT, C.F. and n. Register of Companies: 06455440484

  2. Adhesion to the General Conditions

    By registering with the MyPass Venezia Application, the user accepts and agrees to comply with the General Conditions, which can be consulted at any time on the website or stored on their device.

  3. Services Offered

    The MyPass Venezia application allows the registered user to take advantage of various services and more precisely:

    1. Entry, payment and in some cases “skip the line” lanes in the affiliated facilities In order to use these services, it is necessary to carry out the Registration procedure by adhering to the Privacy conditions and providing the User with the identity of the User, a contact e-mail address, as well as any additional data required as part of the procedure including a valid credit card.
    2. The user, having selected the Museum or the service he wants to buy, must choose the date and type of tickets and select “buy”. It is also possible to book tickets and the same can be canceled according to the cancellation policies of each single museum. It is recommended to read it before proceeding with the purchase. Once the purchase has been made, a QR Code will be displayed at the entrance of each individual structure that will proceed with the relative demarcation.
    3. Entrance to the official parking areas of Venice Marco Polo Airport
      To be able to use this highly innovative service, the user correctly registered and with a connected credit card must approach the entrance gates of the car parks listed in the application, wait a few seconds to recognize their device from the column (without leaving the car) and authorize entry through the special button that is illuminated within the login screen. It is important to read the tutorial at the start of the application and have your own bluetooth and wifi enabled.
      The service is active only for the locations expressly reported in the application.
    4. Some services temporarily free for promotional choices, can be subsequently paid for the unquestionable judgment of MyPass and the fact that they were previously used free of charge by the user does not determine a right acquired by the same. Post-paid paid functionality
    5. The MyPass FTA technology is also able to authorize access to entrances from time to time affiliated to a registered User without the latter having to pre-purchase or book their entrance ticket. the price of the ticket to the place visited at the price expressly reported in the application In case of discrepant information between the rates indicated in the application and those reported by the companies in which the access occurs, the application is always valid
      The purchase of the ticket through the application does not include any insurance coverage in favor of the User or his assignees.
    6. To access the MyPass services the User must register through the MyPass Venezia Application and connect a credit card.
  4. Services or services to be paid by the MYPASS suppliers. Exclusion of liability of MYPASS.

    Debtors of the service for using access to places are the companies of the locations (where access gates are located), which provide this service and the related services in their own name and on their own account, based on their general conditions.
    MYPASS is not debtor of these services and its role is only to ensure that the user can properly use the services offered.
    MYPASS consequently does not answer for any disruption, inconvenience and damage in which the User should incur during the use of the goods or services purchased by the application; in such cases MYPASS will try to do everything in its power to give assistance to the User who can be contacted via email at the address or by telephone number 011 19116039.

  5. Payments and suspension of the service.

    Any amount due, both for the Annual Fee (if provided) and for purchases / services that the User intends to make / use, must be paid by credit card / prepaid registered by the User. A confirmation of the charge and the related tax documentation will be sent to the User at the registered email address.
    The amounts debited from the registered credit card will be collected by MYPASS and paid to the right holders (sports facilities, art places, tour operators or other suppliers of goods and services available on the site) under the terms and conditions agreed with the themselves.
    The service is automatically renewed 15 days before its natural expiry. You can deactivate automatic renewal at any time directly from the user profile page; in this case, if subsequently it will not be manually renewed before the deadline, the service will be suspended until the voluntary payment of the annual fee.
    If the charge is not successful, the related service or purchase will be suspended, until the full balance of the amount due by the User. Any communications will be sent to the registered email address. The service or purchase will also be suspended, upon notice to the registered email address: in case the validity of the credit card registered by the User expires, in case of non-payment or renewal of the Annual Fee, if it is removed or denied authorization to debit the credit card registered by the User, or in case of violation of the prohibitions provided for in Article 8 (second paragraph). MYPASS reserves the right to permanently terminate the relationship with the User in case of serious or repeated non-compliance or inconvenience attributable to the User.

  6. Cancellation from the application. Withdrawal. Disabling the service

    The User has the right to cancel himself at any time by sending an email from the registered address to the following address: In case of cancellation, the Annual Fee paid will not be reimbursed; the cancellation does not entail the termination of payments still due for services or goods purchased in the meantime; the related charges will be made on the credit card registered before the termination of the relationship.
    The withdrawal is excluded for the purchase of tickets to be used on a certain day or period, or for the purchase of top-ups to be used on a specific day or period (Article 55, paragraph 1, letter b) Consumer Code) .

  7. Exclusion of reimbursements. Not transferable.

    Any reimbursement of the amount paid is excluded, except as provided for in the event of withdrawal. In particular, the reimbursement is excluded if the User does not use on time or only partially uses the ticket 9. Maintenance and malfunction of the application.
    MYPASS reserves the right to modify, limit or exclude accessibility and functionality of the application at any time due to maintenance work, implementation of new functions, updating, and similar events or needs. The data that should be lost or compromised will be requested again to the User in case of new access.

  8. Intellectual Property

    MYPASS and its assignees hold all the copyrights and all other rights related to the services offered as well as to the contents of the site (such as, for example: information, images, videos, slogans, promotional material and communication). It is therefore expressly forbidden to modify, publish, reproduce or transfer it to any third party, like the use different from the simple enjoyment of the same as the end user of the same.

  9. Change of the General Conditions

    MYPASS may adapt these General Conditions at any time, including, but not limited to, compliance with primary and secondary legislation, or to adapt them to new or different services and features.
    Any change in the General Conditions will be reported to Users who registered when the previous General Conditions were in force; the same Users will be asked to accept the modified General Conditions; if they are not accepted, the User will no longer be able to access the site or benefit from the services offered by the site itself. The General Conditions in force may at any time be consulted, before accessing the site and using its services, in the “Terms of Use” section of this site.

  10. Partial invalidity

    Should any of the provisions of these General Conditions be or become invalid or ineffective under applicable law or judicial rulings, the validity and effectiveness of the remaining provisions will not be in any way affected.

  11. Processing of personal data (Privacy)

    MYPASS is committed to protecting the privacy of Users. A part of the site can be explored without having to communicate any personal data. The personal data necessary to access the services offered are collected and processed in accordance with the Privacy Act (Legislative Decree No. 196/2003).
    MYPASS collects and uses the “personal and identification” data of the users, that is to say the information concerning the natural person, legal person, body or association, necessary to uniquely identify an individual and / or to contact him, such as for example the name, surname, home or residence address, telephone number, email address, or other contact preferences pursuant to art. 4, letter b and c, Legislative Decree n. 196/2003. By entering their personal data in the registration procedure or in the purchasing process, the consumer consents to the processing of the same according to the provisions of Legislative Decree 196/2003 of 30 June 2003.
    The software applications used may contain “cookie” technology. Cookies mainly have the function of facilitating user navigation. The cookies in the software applications used are anonymous and can not be traced back to the user’s personal data.
    MYPASS does not collect or manage any “sensitive data” suitable to reveal “racial and ethnic origin, religious, philosophical or other beliefs, political opinions, membership of parties, trade unions, associations or organizations of a religious nature, philosophical, political or trade union, as well as personal data suitable to reveal the state of health and sexual life “(Article 4, letter d, Legislative Decree No. 196/2003).
    In order to be able to collect the fee for the services offered, MYPASS requests the credit card / prepaid card details that the user intends to register for the payment of said services and purchases. With respect to these data MYPASS can have a simple transfer role (so-called “mere conduit”) or temporary memorization (so-called “catching”) as provided for in Articles 14 and 15 of Legislative Decree 9 April 2003, n. 70 (Electronic Commerce Code). The complete data relating to the credit / prepaid cards will be transmitted, stored and stored by the Operator of the payment gateway and by the Banking Acquirer, the only subjects to have full knowledge of them in order to charge the payments indicated by MYPASS Srl on the same credit card.
    The latter will, with the sole purpose of recognizing and matching the credit card to the relevant User, know only a few numbers of the credit card number (PAN); each credit card will also be combined with a code, provided by the bank gateway, identifying the cardholder, so that subsequent charges (recurring payments) are received on the credit card of the desired User.
    The person in charge of processing the data collected and kept by MYPASS is MYPASS Srl. Any comments or comments regarding this Privacy Policy can be sent to the following email address:

  12. Applicable Law and Competent Court

    These General Conditions are subject to Italian law. For any controversy the Court of Turin will have jurisdiction.

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