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Book and Buy your tickets so you can move all over Venice and the islands. Mainland buses for Mestre and Marghera included.

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Venice Water Bus / Vaporetto Tickets

When you are in Venice you will need to take a water bus, vaporetto in Italian, if you want to get around Venice using public transportation.
This expansive Venice public transportation managed by ACTV has a network of 160 water crafts and over 100 boarding points carries more than 190 million passengers per year and is an essential part of the complete Venice experience.

Buy Your Tickets

With the MyPass App you can book your Venice ACTV Water Bus / Vaporetto Tickets up to 24 days in advance or when you arrive in Venice. The choice is yours! Just follow these steps:

  • Download MyPass Venezia
  • Choose the initial date of your ticket
  • Choose your ticket (75 min, 1 day, 2 day, 3 days, 7 days or people mover or airport options)
  • Confirm payment
Please note:
  • If you buy your ticket 2 or more days in advance your PNR code will be sent to you at midnight am the day before your ticket becomes valid. For example, If your ticket’s validity begins on June 10th, then your ticket will arrive in the “ticket” section of the MyPass Venezia App and in your email inbox at midnight am on June 9th. This method guarantees your flexibility to change or cancel your reservation until midnight the day before your initial ticket validity.

Boarding the Water Bus / Vaporetto

When you arrive at the ACTV vaporetto / water bus station go to the ACTV Ticket Machine and follow these steps:
  1. Select English
  2. Select Collect Tickets Purchased Online
  3. Scan your digital ticket next to the scanner at the bottom left of the machine
  4. Collect your tickets
  5. At the entrance gate, tap your ticket on the grey ticket validator
If the QR scanner is not working, tap the on-screen keyboard and enter your PNR code. Your ticket(s) can be used for 3 months from the date of purchase.

Where can you go with ACTV Water Bus / Vaporetto?

From St. Mark’s Square to Lido to Santa Lucia Train Station to Murano and all of the famous sights of Venice the ACTV Water Bus / Vaporetto can take you.

What is the schedule?

Generally the ACTV water bus / vaporetto service runs from 5 am until 11 pm with special night service at some locations and with changing schedules depending on the season, day of week, and holidays. Check with ACTV timetables to find exact schedule for your stop.


The terms water bus and vaporetto are often used interchangeably so you might see one or both of these terms in your trip research.
Avoid water bus / vaporetto Line 1 if possible. This makes every stop so it is slow and often completely filled with tourists and their luggage.
Water Busses (Vaporetti) are not to be confused with water taxis. Water Taxis are just like regular taxis in that they may get you to your destination faster but they are also more expensive. They are much smaller than the water busses / vaporetti and usually have a yellow stripe to be easily identified.
ACTV is the official public transportation authority in Venice.

Other Public Transportation Services

In addition to the Water Bus / Vaporetto there are a few other public transportation services.

  • People Mover A driverless tram system that gets you to and from the Tronchetto Parking Island to the Marittima Cruise Terminal to Piazzale Roma. The People Mover is wheelchair accessible.
    1.50 euro
  • Bus Transfer to Marco Polo Airport You can take the ACTV bus to and from Piazzale Roma and Marco Polo Airport. The journey takes about 20-25 minutes. TIP: choose a ticket that combines airport transfer with the a normal ACTV ticket like the “3 days + Airport Transfer Bus (A/R)” so you have all your transportation needs taken care of.
    One way bus ticket – 8 euros
    Round Trip (valid from Airport to Venice and back to airport when you return) – 15 euros
For combination tickets price varies depending on number of days chosen. See MyPass Venezia App for more information.

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